Feeder Ø 500 in Vendée (85)



The project involves upgrading the water supply system following the droughts that occured in the summer 2011. In order to address the risk of water storage and avoid water cuts, the inter-communal union Vendée Eau launched a program of construction works for an interconnection pipeline between the Choltière in Château-Guilbert reservoir and the Four in Boissière-des-Landes (85). The interconnection pipeline will be 16 km long and when complet, pass up to 7 000 m3 of water from Marillet towards Apremont. This will prevent water shortages during potential future droughts periods.




  • Year : 2011
  • 11 km of cast iron pipework Ø 500
  • 2 months of work
  • An average of 300 meters a day of pipe laid and backfilled
  • 1 river crossing
  • 150 meters of drilling