Inter connection drinking water system - La Brie Centrale (77)




The project involved connecting the drinking water system of Brie Centrale (77) which includes 18 communities. Each community water tower had its own water supply, most of which did not comply with water safety regulations i.e. presence of pesticides and fluoride etc..


The project resulted in the creation of a water interconnection system between the communities and the existing "Eaux du Sud Parisien" system in order to meet the health regulations and the needs of the 6,600 citizens. This also helped to protect the Champigny water table.




  • Years : 2010 / 2011
  • 67 km of cast iron pipe work
  • 14 months of work
  • Spread across 18 communities
  • Required 42 trenchless crossings
  • 150 buried concrete structures